Snark SN-3 guitar tuner and metronome


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The SN-3 is amazing! It’s optomized for guitar.

It is an all-in-one tuning and practicing system that fits in the palm of your hand.

The tuner will accurately tell you whether your note is sharp or flat. it will remain accurate on

any string, any fret, any note on your guitar or similar instrument. It will pick up the sound

of your guitar through either the built in microphone, or you can plug your cord right into

the tuner.It gives you a full color image of your tuning so there is no confusion.

You know what it’s telling you with just a glance.

The tap tempo metronome is very useful for counting and practicing

while playing. It does this through its built in speaker. It also has

a transpose feature

that allows you to tune normally even with a capo on, so you know where you are

while in another key. In other words, you won’t have to transpose each string in your head

to match the other key to get tuned. The flat button will give you a flat for each fret you

skip with the capo, and your tuning will appear to be standard. This is really

handy if you’re not sure of the notes you’re supposed to be tuning to when you

slap the capo on. Example: The capoed A string will still read A on the tuner.

The tempo metronome

works with the push of a button to adjust tempo. This is great for practicing.

A lot of people don’t use metronomes but should. They are a

very useful tool to keep your tempo even. It trains your brain so to speak..

Overall, the SN-3 will do just about anything you want it to do.

And I thought I’d mention that althoughit is optimized for guitar, it is still truly

chromatic. So it will actually still work with most instruments.

And if your instrument can plug in, it is a very positive signal that

can’t be mixed with another sound. The instructions included are clear and

easy to read.

Get one today. It’s amazing what this little blue Snark can do!


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