About Us

I’mpor3 resize Dave Bloxham. In 2008 I started Beyond Guitars from a small seed. But to tell you about that, I have to go back to my youth when I developed a passion to learn to play the five string banjo. I was just 12 years old. Nobody in my family here in California was familiar with this type of music, but as I’ve heard so many folks say, “There was just something about that sound” and I wanted to do it, too. So I begged and pleaded for a while and finding a banjo teacher in a nearby town, I finally wore my mom down and I started with some lessons and a copy of Earl Scruggs’ instruction book. A book I still reccomend to every banjo student!

Today I’ve had years of pleasure playing and jamming and with my numerous picking awards have bolstered my confidence as a player.

Some years later I found that my own students were having trouble finding banjos, and there was no store nearby that knew anything about them. So I broke into the musical instruments business for them. Being able to provide good instruments to my students, plus my many years of banjo tinkering, rebuilding, modifying, cleaning and repairing, it all came very naturally to me. It is a pleasure sharing my musical knowledge with others. I expanded and eventually went full time with the adventure of doing what I love.

Today I’ve got numerous product lines that I am proud of, and I continue to strive to have the best customer service possible, with the best instruments possible. And as you browse through this store, you will find that we are recording many of the instruments on the site.  It’s one way for us to help you know what your new instrument is like. Above it all I am very careful to stay to my one, steadfast credo. That is, to “Never sell junk”. That might sound silly but the way I see it, If I don’t respect a product then I cannot expect my customer to. If I know that an instrument is below standard, I just won’t have anything to do with it. I rely on my business for my livelihood, and my reputation is the most important part of that. And I dedicate my entire life venture to providing the same quality service and products to my customers whether they are in my home town or across the globe. It makes no difference to me where you are, You are still MY customer, and I want you to share your good experience with others!

If you ever need to contact me, the best way is to drop me an Email at sales@beyondguitars.com But you can pick up the phone if you prefer.

My personal number is (925) 918-2515.