Our guarantee

Beyond Guitars’ Customer Satisfaction Guarantee:

It is our wish is that all of our online customers have a worry-free buying experience. Therefore we have established a “customer satisfaction guarantee” policy, hereafter referred to as simply “the policy”. Under the policy Beyond Guitars guarantees that you, our customer, may keep your purchase for review for fourteen (14) days after receipt of the merchandise, and Beyond Guitars will accept the return of these items during this period as long as they are in unused, as- received condition. This covers most new, vintage and used products. This page will explain how it works.


If you are not happy with your purchase You must notify Beyond Guitars of your intent to return the item before the 14-day period has expired for a full refund of the purchase price. Any shipping costs incurred by us are deducted from the refund. The items must be returned in the same condition as you received them, that is, not broken, damaged or modified. Send your email to: sales@beyondguitars.com

You will then need to send the product by common carrier, posted not after the 14th day.

Covered unless otherwise stated:

Every item on our website (beyondguitars.com) or through any third party website (such as Amazon, Reverb, Ebay etc.) is covered by the policy, unless otherwise stated in the ad for the item. Beyond Guitars reserves the right to EXCLUDE any individual product that we sell from the policy, regardless of any other language suggesting otherwise anywhere in our website. This refers to any generalized statements made on our website or ads such as “every purchase is covered by our customer satisfaction guarantee” or similar language as this or any other general statement like it may have exceptions. Simply put, we will clearly state in our ad that no returns on the particular item being described will be accepted, or that it is otherwise not covered by the policy. We will accept the return of any of our products that were not clearly and explicitly exempted from this policy. The only other exemptions from the policy are stated below.

We reserve the right to refuse a return under some conditions:

1. if the returned item(s) are not in the same condition as they were received by the customer upon initial purchase.

2. The item was not returned with prior E-mail communication from the customer stating their intent to return an item before the 14-day period had expired.

3. Any instrument or other item that has been “customized” or modified by us, at the explicit request of the customer may possibly be excluded from the policy, and if this had not been made clear, and there is a doubt about whether your order (with a customization) is indeed covered under the policy, a written E-mail communication must be submitted to Beyond Guitars for review and you will receive a response from us to clarify that the customized item is or is not eligible for inclusion in the policy. One example is the installation of railroad spikes installed in a banjo to capo the fifth string. Even though this is a modification, our policy is that the installation, if requested, is acceptable for return if the spikes are at the 7,9 and/or 10th fret locations. If you request and receive your banjo with spikes at any other ┬álocations such as at 6,8,11, etc. it will not be returnable as these are not usually requested.

4. Absolutely no “refunds” for items sent to us that were not purchased from us.

Returns will be shipped at the expense of the customer returning the item. This is simply to enable Beyond Guitars to extend good faith by offering our shipping services, packaging and sometimes paid shipping to our customers. It is your responsibility to properly pack any items so the risk of damage during shipping is at a minimum. We will gladly assist with questions about how to pack an instrument. Return shipping is required to be insured to the invoiced value of the returned merchandise (a damage claim during return shipment shall be handled as a claim by you, the sender).

Carrier-damaged merchandise:

If our package arrives at your address and there is apparent damage, Please notify us via E-mail right away at sales@beyondguitars.com We suggest taking photos of the apparent damage.

Method of refunds:

Any refunds associated with the return of merchandise will be made as a reversal or refund function of the original payment method. Refunds will be made to the original purchaser only. Refunds will be made after the merchandise is returned to us and after inspection by us. No refund can be made until the merchandise has been delivered to us in good order.

Incorrect address:

It is your responsibility to make sure your contact information as well as that with any third party who may be involved in our transaction like Paypal or Ebay is accurate. It is not our fault if we send a package to an incorrect address that is presented to us by you or a third party, and the package may be lost. Sometimes different addresses appear from different sources, such as a purchase order and a payment service. Other times the carrier cannot verify an address. In these cases there may be a delay in processing the order until we can communicate with you about the correct address.