Snark SN-2 chromatic tuner


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The Snark SN-2 is an all-in-one chromatic tuner

that can aid you in tuning any instrument. I mean anything. Sure, guitar,

banjo, mandolin, Ukulele.. but I mean it will help you tune a trumpet, a clarinet,

a tuba, even a piano. This is because it has both a vibration sensor which does work great

with a guitar and on stage, but it’s got a microphone built in which you can switch to, and it

will pick up any note that’s speeding through the air. It’s fully chromatic too,

so it has great frequency sensing range.

But there’s more it can do so hold on here.

It has a transpose feature.  If you’re playing a guitar, banjo or other stringed

instrument you’re likely used to using a capo. But if you slap a capo on what are

all of the new notes? Not to worry. The SN-2 has a flat button that you click once for

every fret your capo skipped and it will show your notes just as you’re used to.

No transposing necessary. 

There’s more. It’s also got a tap metronome built in for practicing. Let’s say you

practiced a song and you want it to take about 3 minutes to get through. Now on

stage you’re nervous and you might tend to rush the song. The SN-2 doesn’t get

nervous and it will remind you exactly what your practiced tempo should be.

So versatile, many people call the SN-2 “the best tuner ever created”.

I can’t argue otherwise. It sure is great.

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