Snark SN-1 guitar/bass chromatic tuner


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Grab a Snark SN-1 chromatic tuner

and clip it onto your headstock, and you’ve now got more than easy tuning.

It has features you’llappreciate. You can tune in any light as the screen of the SN-1

is clearly visible. You can place it anywhere you can see it best. Left handed or right.

It really is the smartest way to tune up. The pitch calibration and flat tuning and transpose

functions are wonderful. This model was created for tuning your guitar or bass.

Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why the SN-1 is so popular.

Oh.. one more thing,

It even has a tap-tempo metronome!


Snark SN-1 Clip-on Chromatic Guitar Tuner Features:

  • Full-color display rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing

  • Stay-put clip

  • Tap tempo metronome

  • Flat tuning/transpose functions

  • Pitch calibration (415-466Hz)

  • High-sensitivity vibration sensor

  • Frequency range tailored to guitar and bass

  • Tuner can be used on front or back of headstock

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