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I’m Dave Bloxham of Beyond Guitars. You’re looking at the small business which I began on a shoestring back in 2008 when I was teaching bluegrass banjo in my area in northern California. Bluegrass players are a little less common out here than in some parts of the USA, and there were really no music stores around who could support my students- So I learned how to fill that role and began providing Rover entry level and the advanced Gold Star banjos (which was the first quality banjo I bought myself back in ’76).

It really began when I was just 12 years old- The sound of the banjo must have altered my brain I guess. And after The Beverly Hillbillies’ show and Dueling banjos became so popular I was determined to learn it, if I could. I kept hounding my parents until they caved. I started with lessons at a nearby music store, and luckily for me the only one for miles around that had a banjo teacher! Back then I didn’t know anyone into this kind of music, but I kept on practicing. There was just “something about that sound”, I wanted to make it myself. I still think it’s an awesome instrument, fun to play and share, and it brought me here! 

Over the years I’ve taught many how to play and I’ve expanded to carry all kinds of bluegrass and folk instruments, I rebuild great old forgotten banjos when I can, I quit my job working for someone else, and I’m now an official member of America’s small business fleet! This business is obviously important to me, and I thrive or starve on my personal service. I prefer to thrive. I do my best for every customer no matter where they are- local or far away.

This site is the result of many hours of my work too, and I appreciate you looking around. You can begin at the header in the menu and sub-menus for categories, or you can search for anything you’re interested in. Just type in any word like Baby (for baby guitar) or Harmonica, it’s best to keep it simple. If you have any questions please contact me at the bottom of this page, or visit my Facebook page HERE

More about me on the “about us” page. For now, Thanks and God Bless!


I GOT MY BANJO!!! It's beautiful. I can't wait to tune it and play! Thank you for sending it to AK! ~Dee

Dear Dave, I'd like to say that your prompt and thoughtful responses, and your self-evident integrity throughout have very much impressed me. You are an outstanding merchant and an extraordinarily decent person and I wish you all the best! Jeffrey. 
Dave, I got the (Regal resonator) guitar and I coudln't be more pleased! It's beautiful in appearance and sound. Thank you so much dave, I'll be in touch. Cindy.
Dear Dave, This is a long overdue note to thank you for your service and to say my stepson is absolutely delighted with his Blueridge guitar. He plays for several hours each day. The guitar is beautiful, too. Thank you again! All my best, David. 
Morning Dave - Thank you again for meeting with Drew and myself yesterday. Wow, Drew played the mandolin for 3 hours yesterday after we got home...  It is a instrument that he has talked about getting for a long time. We will continue to support you! Gary. 
Wow!! Beyond all expectations. This guitar is virtually flawless. I really didn't expect to receive an instrument of this caliber at such a competitive price. Someone really took the time to set it up. Jim.
Hi Dave, In this age of "customer service" becoming an oxymoron I want you to know how impressed and grateful I am for retrieving my banjo from UPS and installing spikes on the house. That's true customer service. Thank you so much for being "one of the good ...
Thank you so much, and I look forward to receiving the guitar. I did a lot of research on guitars for small folks/small hands..  your sound byte in the ad was worth its weight in gold!I felt completely comfortable buying from you online. Thanks again! Kate.
Hi Dave, I just wanted to let you know I got the Gold Star 1952. It's everything you said and more! I love the looks and the sound is out of this world. Having a a 1982 Gold Star it's great to see they still make them this ...

Thanks so much for the very complete explanation of where to place the bridge. I'm going to leave the bridge alone, but I've printed out your E-mail and put it into my banjo file for future use. By the way I love the stand and strap also. Thanks ...

The banjo arrived today, and she sure is a beauty! I am amazed at the condition - I think it’s even better than you described. It looks stunning, and the tone is outstanding. and your packing was perfect. I couldn’t be happier. (Peter)



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