Snark S-1 Son of Snark tuner


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Grab a Son of Snark mini clip-on tuner,

clip it onto your guitar or bass and you’ll never be out of tune again. It’s a very, very small tuner so it’e never in your way. Yet it is still a super precise chromatic tuner that sports a full color screen that lights up clearly so you can see it easily even in the dark. ┬áThe compact style allows you to place it over the back of your headstock where nobody can see it but you.. and no need to use a tuning pedal, it won’t pick up the other instruments around you.

Precision, compactness and ease of use are the hallmarks of the Son of Snark tuner!


The Son of Snark Clip-on Chromatic Tuner is:

  • your favorite stage companion

  • Made specifically for acoustic, electric, and bass guitar

  • bright, with a color display

  • Allows you to tune discretely, accurately and fast.

Grab one now, they move out quick!

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