Remo Weatherking frosted banjo head 11″ high crown


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The Remo weatherking head


has been the bluegrass standard since it was introduced many decades ago.

It replaced hide heads that were prone to shrinking, splitting, and becoming loose from changes in humidity

It has proven to have just the right combination of sharp bite, clarity and mellow tone.

It has the right amount of top frosting so It’s not too harsh, not too mild. 

The crown is the height of the mylar on the rim, not including the aluminum band.

Mastertone flat head banjos take a high or medium crown head.

Arch top banjos take a low or medium crown head.

When you’re replacing a head on a bluegrass or other type banjo, look no further

than a genuine Remo Weatherking banjo head.

The world’s best-known and best-selling banjo head!


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