Remo Fiberskyn III old time banjo head


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Remo has been making the Fiberskyn head for years,

specifically to replicate the tone and look of a genuine calfskin head for your old timey banjo. They sound great. Giving the proper, dry plunky sound you want. 

They have improved this banjo head several times, and each version has significant improvements in durability, thickness, sound and appearance. 

This is the best ever. It may look like a skin, but It’s a fully modern synthetic banjo head.

Real calfskin and goatskin heads have problems with keeping their proper tension as they absorb moisture from the air, and they can become saggy in humid weather, and dry out too much, get too tight and they have a tendency to burst. They also cannot take a lot of wear and tear, or of course they.. wear, and they tear. Installing a genuine skin head is also not for the faint of heart.

Every old time banjo player had problems with them back in the day. The day they had no choice.

There is a HUGE fistful of benefits to using this wonderful product from Remo. 

The easy to install and affordable, it eliminates all of these inherent problems with real skin heads,

and the tone is nearly identical. 

 It will fit any 11 inch diameter banjo rim.


And as with all of our prodcts,

the Remo Fiberskyn 3 carries the customer satisfaction guarantee from Beyond Guitars!

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