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The Ashton Bailey banjo bridge is

a proven design maple bridge that has been used on banjos for– well, forever as far as we know. But there is one difference that makes it better. It’s the roasting process. What we understand is that all woods contain some elements of resins and oils. Some more than others. A real pitchy pine tree for example contains a lot. If you look at a seasoned piece of wood sometimes you can see the pitch and resins crystallize into a very hard substance. With hardwoods like maple, this process can take many years. After it’s all said and done, the matured, seasoned old wood is a lot harder and stiffer than a fresh cut piece. But how do you get your hands on one?

The folks at Ashton Bailey use a process that accelerates this- They call it “roasting”. The temperature of the wood is raised quite high. Not high enough to burn the wood, but enough to solidify, or crystallize the resins within. This makes a very lightweight, yet very hard (and a little darker color) wood. This is exactly what makes an ideal banjo bridge!

We’ve used them on several banjos and find that they actually do have a great sound. Nice response to the strings, for increased volume and excellent timbre. They sound incredible!

And there you have it.

The awesome Ashton Bailey roasted maple bridge!

Available only in standard spacing and 5/8″ height.

 And as with any bridge, be sure to install it with the “lean” toward the tailpiece.

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