Iucci banjo mute


Practice quietly! For an instrument as loud as a banjo, this is a real must-have accessory!

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Back in 1924, A fellow named Mr. Iucci had patented a tenor banjo mute that fits under the strings. this mute slides on easier, sounds better and has more weight, which equals more sustain and improved muting over previous designs. This is the best banjo mute we’ve found. We like to keep things simple. Now you can enjoy the quiet tone of your banjo for unlimited practice, from Beyond Guitars!

This mute will slide right onto any standard straight design banjo bridge but keep in mind it is a slide-on type and will likely not work on a curved or moon shaped bridge, or a stepped compensated bridge. There are at least three reasons this mute is more expensive than the Ultimate model, upon our experience: 1. improved design with more mass, better muting. 2. design also gave it an easier to grab handle. 3. tarnish-free chrome plating, (never any green tarnishing from skin acids, etc). However both do a great job!


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