Paige banjo/mando CLIK capo


The capo that stays on your banjo even when not being used!

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You may have seen

a Paige capo being used onstage at a live performance. Many pros are picky about its remarkable design. The professional’s choice for banjo and mandolin, the genuine Paige capo is unlike any other.

  • This is the advanced CLIK model. Unlike the original, incorporates an advanced quick release mechanism and is surrounded at all instrument contact points with finish safe tubing.

It enables you to instantly bring the capo up to the fretboard, leaving only fine adjustment necessary with the admustment knob.

To release The Clik Capo, loosen the screw appx. ½ turn and then use the release button.

and its other features are:

(Width 1 7/16, Open Depth 1 3/16, Closed Depth 3/4)
Paige’s smallest banjo/mandolin capo. Fits to the 4th fret on a 5 string and works very well on a mandolin.

  • It’s ultra thin and discreet.

  • The controllable tension feature with precision adjustment allows the perfect amount of pressure to be achieved between the capo and your instrument. This feature also eliminates dreaded string buzz and muting because it pulls directly from the center instead of the side.

  • The Paige Capo moves quickly and easily. It also stores readily behind the nut of the instrument when not in use.

  • It is great for not knocking the instrument out of tune when adjusted.

  • Above all, these features combined create an impressive capo, made to keep you in tune.

In use, its ability to reamain on the instrument while not being used saves time and embarassment fumbling for a capo in the pocket, its precise adjustability gives you perfect
control and its ultra thin dimension keeps it out of your way.

Keep in mind that this capo will not work above the fifth fret on a five string banjo. Its narrow design and two sided anchoring prohibit this. 

The paige capo will not harm the finish of your instrument. Made with protective tubing covering the metal parts.

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Weight .25 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 2.5 in


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