Trinity River Drifter 3/4 size banjo


Great learner/starter banjo, short scaled for youth, travel or just plain fun!

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The Trinity River Drifter banjo

The Drifter is not just an economical way to get your hands on a real banjo, it’s got a short scale with 19 frets which is perfect for smaller folk.. like kids! It’s lightweight and comes with a convenient gig bag for anyone to carry either in your hand or on your back. If you’re a banjo student of any style such as Bluegrass or Clawhammer, the drifter is a great choice. 

Since we know banjos so well- not only selling but repair and servicing, we are able to make sure that your drifter banjo arrives ready-to-play.

Quality is built- in.

Wood Rim- 3/4 scale, 33 inches overall. 19 frets- 18 brackets Rosewood fingerboard- geared tuners- light weight

Many banjos in this price realm have a plastic or some kind of cheap construction, but the drifter’s rim is wooden.. and it has a chrome plated armrest (again a bonus many banjos are missing) and a standard, 11″ pot with a real Remo banjo head (wow!) 18 brackets and shoes to tension the head, and a geared fifth string tuner!  Another bonus the manufacturer is not saying, is that the resonator (back) is very easily removed and it’s got a very nice, woody tone for clawhammer players by simply removing the back. We think it’s actually got a great tone for old timey styles since it also has no tone ring, like the original old time banjos. It’s starting to sound pretty good we say, and we’re keeping it under the suggested price of  $379.98. 

Here’s the kicker: We will stand behind the Drifter and our setup. This banjo is covered under our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee, and free shipping in 48 states! 

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 40 × 18 × 8 in


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