Shubb Bc-20 banjo/mandolin capo


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The standard by which all

capos are measured! Shubb has been making this banjo capo for over thirty years, and we love them. It’s called a banjo capo but it easily works on other small necked instruments like mandolin, bouzouki, mandola and more. Easy to put on and easy to remove, as well as easy to make fine adjustments with. This capo will literally last a lifetime. Shubb has been improving it over the years and they are really smooth as butter. Lightweight, compact and secure. You can put it on with just the tension you like. Available in different colors, this is the nickel plated finish. We’ve been selling this favorite for years and you can be sure you can’t go wrong with a Shubb capo on your instrument!

This item is also known as the Shubb C-5.

Keep in mind that with a five string banjo it’s a little more complicated to use a capo because the fifth string does not reach the headstock nut. If you’re also ordering a banjo from us, we can install fifth string railroad spikes for you, so be sure to drop us an Email with any questions about that.

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