Shubb GC-20AK guitar capo in black.


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is the premier name

in capos. They make capos for just about every stringed instrument ever invented. And a great capo it is! This is the classic acoustic guitar capo from Shubb in black finish. You can’t get a better look, and you can’t get a better capo. Adjustable for any position on the neck, and it stays where you put it. It clamps on without springs, Just swing the arm out from behind it and it pops off. Small enough for a pocket, slim enough to stay out of your way and tough enough to last a lifetime. This classic capo is unbeatable! This model, the GC-20AK is for acoustic and electric guitars but not Classical guitars as they have a flat fretboard. These are available in various finishes, and cool black is always popular because it always looks as great as it functions!

This capo is also known as the Capo noir, and C1k


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