Secrets All Guitar Players Should Know- Dave Cavanagh


Every guitar player should know this stuff, but many do not!

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Secrets All Guitar Players Should Know

is a fantastic book full of things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. Things that can make you a better guitar player. The insight and thorough coverage of this ubiquitous yet still mysterious instrument is outstanding! The book includes:

784 useful tips that even some veteran musicians just do not know. Tricks to make your instruments play easier, sound better, and play better. Compiled by a provessional player and repairman of 37 years experience. Integrated with just the right amount of lighthearted humor, Dave Cavanagh demonstrates many simple concepts that all stringed instrument players need to make their music easier to produce and better to listen to. Perfect as a teaching tool, and great for the teacher, too!

65 packed pages of valuable guitar information. Dave Cavanagh Publications.



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