Earl Scruggs and the 5-string banjo


Written by the late great Earl Scruggs himself, this is the book every picker needs to own!

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Do you play banjo? Or do you want to learn the banjo?

You must own this book first- and foremost, above all others. Even if you’re using another lesson book, the tips and tablature alone contained in this book is an absolute treasure!

There is literally no bluegrass banjo picker who has had more influence on more players than the master, Earl Scruggs- and what has become known as “Scruggs style” banjo picking. 

And just as he mastered the instrument, he also has the most comprehensive and authoritative banjo book ever written. Earl’s legendary teaching method has helped thousands of banjo players get their start. First published in the late 1960s, it has been revised, improved and updated, filled with instructional and historic photographs, covering every aspect of the instrument. Chapters included are:

History of the 5-string banjo

Getting acquainted with the banjo

Scruggs Tuners, 5th-string hooks and capos



How to read tablature

Right hand rolls and left hand techniques

Banjo tunings

Exercises in picking

How to build a banjo

Making Scruggs tuners

Autobiographical and interesting historical notes

And, over 40 songs in clear, easy to read tablature. 

The improvements over the first version of this book are many, not the least of which is the much easier to read, bold and clear tablature to the huge selection of songs Earl made known to so many people. 

In my teaching, I use this book along with another, but no matter what, don’t skip this one! It is indispensable- and I recommend this book first, foremost and every banjo picker needs to own a copy of this book. It is not only instructive about playing, but it can help a do- it- yourself banjo builder, and his autobiography along with many historic photographs is worth the price alone! This book is well complimented by personal lessons which I always recommend. Book only. 

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