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This is a recently upgraded

all new pro-winder tool that every stringed instrument owner really needs

it works with: acoustic guitars, electric guitars, mandolins, ukuleles of all types,

banjos of all types, dobros, steel guitars, acoustic bass guitars,

most electric bass guitars, and more.


  • It winds your tuners with a simple crank motion

  • it cuts your strings off right where you want them cut. 

  • It includes an improved bridge pin puller for acoustic guitars (often a very difficult task)

  • It fits miniature, full size and many bass sized tuner buttons easily.

The pro-winder  does so many essential things to help you with many of the several

operations you have to do when it’s time to change or replace any string on your guitar.

Since the rotating head fits many full size and most bass machine buttons,

everything is pretty much covered..from a mandolin, banjo or a ukulele,

acoustic and electric guitars to a B-bass

thanks to the open sides of the large button pocket.

Don’t worry about it breaking, it’s impressively rigid. Plus is is made of a polymer that is not likely

to mar any finish if you use it correctly.

The string hardened steel cutter has been improved, so it will cut cleanly through any size string and last a long time.

It’s been modified to be easy to use with just one hand.

The bridge pin puller has been moved from the head to the edge of the handle. This prevents marring of the bridge.

another improvement: It is now MADE IN AMERICA!

For electric instruments, you probably won’t use the pin puller but every other function is also vital

to an electric guitar or bass. Here’s an illustration how it can help in just ONE of its functions:

If your machines have a ratio of 4:1 and your post needs to rotate just four revolutions to secure the string, you will have to turn the button around 16 times for each tuner. Remember you can only get a half turn at a time with your fingers. for a complete string replacement on a guitar that’s  a minimum of 96 twists with your fingers!

With this tool you just place it on the button and start spinning,

saving a lot of tired fingers and a lot of time.

The pro-winder from Planet waves is so much incredibly more than just a winder,

it’s an essential tool that every acoustic guitar player should have.



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