Kyser KDS800 fretboard oil


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Kyser KDS800 fretboard oil

Is our no. 1 choice for maintaining and restoring a fretboard

You feed your dog, your cat, you feed a parking meter, don’t neglect your fretboard. It needs feeding too!

Most fretboards have no sealer, no varnish or urethane on them.

The wood is open to the unforseen and damaging extreme we call dry wood! Dry wood will deteriorate fast, with shrinking, cracking and chipping. This is no joke and it’s not a ploy to get you to buy something.

It really is destructive and it really is important to prevent. you might have seen an old

guitar or two with split fretboards, cracking and splintering. The reason is simply neglect.

It’s outright destruction at its finest. Whether you play acoustic or electric,

guitar or banjo,┬ámandolin or ukulele, it’s all the same.

Dry wood looks dull, it plays hard and is your instrument’s worst enemy.

Since this wood is most commonly oil finished, you must maintain that oil content in the wood

to keep moisture in, lubricate the surface for playing ease and keep it dirt repellant.

Give the wood the oil needs to prevent over dryness. Simply wipe it on, let it rest and wipe it off.

It contains no waxes. It has no detergents, it has no petroleum content.

Your wood will be glad you did!

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