Black Diamond N754-12L Acoustic 12 String Guitar Silverplate Wound


Black Diamond’s custom built silverplate strings in silverplate for bright powerful tone!


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This popular string set

is made to enhance the qualities of your 12 string acoustic. 

Made in light gauge, which is a must for making this instrument easy to play. Silver plate wound which brightens up the full sound of the 12 string. And each string is made with care right here in the USA! In fact, Black Diamond has been doing just that for over 120 years!

This string set has the following gauges, custom selelcted for your 12 string guitar:

1st E Steel .010

2nd E Steel .010

3rd B Steel .014

4th B Steel .014

5th G Silverplated Wound .023

6th G Steel .010

7th D Silverplated Wound .029

8th D Steel .012

9th A Silverplated Wound .038

10th A Steel .018

11th E Silverplated Wound .049

12th E Silverplated Wound .027

Making great American made strings has been the business of Black Diamond string co. for over a hundred years. Made with quality and value in mind, and never an overly=- inflated price which comes from expensive advertising. Try a set from Beyond Guitars today! 

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 2.5 in


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