Black Diamond N68B nylon ball end classical guitar string set


This is a great replacement or conversion set of nylon strings. Has the ball end for modern designed guitars.

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Black Diamond makes this special set of guitar strings for classical guitar, with a ball end. Traditionally classical guitar stringing is complicated by the need for a special knot to tie them onto the bridge of the guitar. This is eliminated with some classical guitars which have switched over to a ball end mount type of guitar. This set is designed  for such guitars with a ball end. They can also be used to string up a short scale guitar of any type that accepts a ball end string with the pegs that hold them into the guitar. Perfectly replacing, or converting to nylon guitar strings. For larger guitars such as a 000 or dreadnought we recommend the Black Diamond model N168B, and we will have a link to these strings below. Pick up a set or two today!


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