Snark Dr. Freud’s celluloid picks 0.5mm


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Snark’s Dr. Freud Celluloid 0.5mm 12pack is  now available! Acclaimed by many, it may have to do with the smoothness of this pick. Heck it’s polished for 30 hours so it will NOT kill your tone! Snark also features their special grip surface. This kit also includes a hand file for you to customize and maintain your picks to just the right shape and contour. Availabie in a few different thicknesses, this set is the 0.5mm thickness, and includes various colors and patterns.

  1. Tone enhancing substrate.

  2. Laser cut for precision size and shape.

  3. Edges polished for 30+ hours so pick edges do not drag on string and corrupt tone.

  4. Non-slip coating to improve grip.

  5. Free pick file included in every pack. Customize point and edge of your pick.

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Weight 0.5 lbs
Dimensions 7.5 × 7.5 × 2.25 in


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