Paige standard 6-string guitar capo, black. (P-6E)


The simple, elegant and popular guitar capo from Paige!

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Find out what everyone is talking about! 

You’ve seen them in concerts, Those closeup shots on TV, you’ve probably seen them in person..  you’ve likely heard them talked about. That’s the Paige capos. They are a little different than most. Light weight and compact, easy to adjust to give you the perfect placement behind the fret, with just the right tension. This capo might never leave your guitar. Once you place it on the fretboard it can be stored just behind the nut. The Paige capo company has a number of different models, but this is the capo that started it all. Inexpensive to own, you will likely never wear it out. This capo fits a standard acoustic guitar with radiused fret board (steel string guitar). The classical, nylon string guitars use a different type. 

Classic black! How can you go wrong? This item is covered by the 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee from Beyond Guitars. 


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