Modern Method for Guitar volume 1- Leavitt


The Berklee Music College’s guitar method!

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The famous Modern Method

for guitar has sold over 500 thousand copies! That is because the William Leavitt guitar method is so well respected. It is used as the basic text for the Berklee College of Music’s guitar program, has stood the test of time and earned a vast and loyal following of dedicated guitar students and instructors. 

This is the first of three volumes. It delivers a practical and comprehensive guitar instruction program designed for beginning through advanced levels of playing. Leavitt”s unique approach to instruction teaches students superior guitar playing skills from the basics through advanced levels. 

This beginning volume presents a comprehensive range of guitar and music fundamentals. This book will teach you


Melodic studies

Chord and arpeggio studies

how to read music

accompaniment techniques

special exercises for developing technique in both hands

And a unique approach to voice leading using movable chord forms. 

127 pages, Berklee Press


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