Microbass 9GT micro bass stings set


The only strings for your Gold Tone (GT) MicroBass!

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MicroBass strings

are designed specifically for EADG tuning on a 23 inch scale Gold Tone (GT series) MicroBass. 

Use only this set on the MicroBass as similar brands may be similar only in appearance. No other string is made for the MicroBass and no other string will work correctly. Because they are are rubber, they stretch. Micrbass strings are installed differently than standard any traditional type of bass string. Improper installation will result in inaccurate tuning, and possible damage to the machine heads and strings. For correct installation, please view “MicroBass String Installation” video at the website goldtone.com. 

As an authorized Gold Tone dealer, Beyond Guitars has these MicroBass strings available to you from the factory. 


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