LM poly fabric adjustable loop banjo strap B-1BK


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The LM banjo strap


This is honestly an entry level strap, and it’s the least expensive banjo strap

we have on our web store. It is however better than what you see a lot of places;

Straps with plastic hooks, nor those metal hooks that can scratch.

Instead there’s a leather loop with a Chicago screw at the ends. You simply loop the end

around one of your banjo brackets and install the screw to secure the loop.

The strap is also fully adjustable to fit just about everyone.

This is not recommended nor intended for heavy banjos. 

If you know banjos, you know some are monsters.

This strap is NOT for a full weight banjo that has a heavy tone ring.

I would recommend this strap really only if you can’t afford a better one, and if your

banjo is light such as an entry level openback. It will work for those types.

honestly if you keep it a year you’ll want an upgrade. It’s important to me to be honest

about it, it’s not a great strap but it is a good low end option I want to provide,

and it will do if you use common sense.. don’t overload it,

and inspect it once in a while at the ends where it may wear.

While I am obviously not raving about this item, I do think it has its place

and this is the best strap at this price level I can find.

It is black, model B1BK made in the USA!

Order yours today!

Dave Bloxham, Beyond Guitars.

We will accept returns for this strap if you change your mind and return it in new condition.

No warranty on breakage, as it is light duty only.





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