Kyser KBMB capo for banjo, mandolin


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Kyser KBMB banjo/mandolin capo

There are many imitations

but only ONE Kyser capo, proudly made in the USA!

Well, that’s not exactly true, there are all kinds of Kyser capos. They come in a myriad of colors

and for many instrument types. You see them everywhere!

There’s a Kyser For acoustic guitars, A Kyser for classical guitars, and the Kyser you see here..

The black Kyser KBMB capo for banjo, mandolin and virtually any narrow necked instrument

with a flat fretboard. The Kyser capo is also known as the quick change capo. That’s because

it does exactly that! You can put it on, move it or remove it with just one motion

of one hand, and yet it stays right where you need it with just the right amount of pressure.

Kyser has gained in great popularity with resounding success because they work.

So the next time you need to change keys on your banjo or mandolin,

reach for a Kyser quick change.

You’ll only need one hand!



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