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Folk music in your pocket!

The Hohner weekender harmonica is perfect for the weekend player. It’s not a professional harmonica,

but it is still purpose built. and a lot of fun.

The Weekender Tremolo harmonica is uniquely designed based on its purpose of being easy and fun to play.

Being a tremolo type harmonica, it has sixteen holes across in double rows. This provides for a second note played that is just a very small bit tuned differently. In other words,

the second row is slightly offset in pitch from the first which will give it a “chorus” effect,

making it sound something like two harmonicas being played at once. Even when playing single notes,

it adds fullness to the sound. However the weekender designers have added another

special twist to the traditional tremolo harmonica.

The upper and lower holes are offset, which will automatically blend in selected notes,

adding fullness and harmony to every note. This is great to accompany a guitar, or a group singing,

it’s a great for songs while camping, fishing, hiking..

You can bring your own musicanywhere.

Thow it in the pack, in the bag, in your pocket. You’ll have a great time on those weekend trips

by including a little music into your weekend!

Priced right for anyone, at Beyond Guitars!

Harmonicas are a personal instrument that cannot be resold as new, and are specifically not included under our customer satisfaction return guarantee. However they are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

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