Golden Gate faux tortoise guitar pickguard


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The Golden Gate brand from Beyond Guitars

is a full line of instrument parts and accessories.

This F-4002 guitar pick guard is likely the easiest addition you can make

to your flattop guitar with either a damaged or non-existent pickguard.

Simply peel and stick to your top, on a guitar such as a Dreadnought

or 000 style, and you’ve just added a handsome finishing touch

that will also protect the wood from damage if you play with a pick.

You can see what happens if you don’t, just by looking at Willie Nelson’s

classical guitar he’s named “Trigger”.

Now, Classical guitars are an example of a fingerstyle guitar,

never inteded to be played with a pick, so they do not have a pick guard.

But Willie likes to use a pick, and he didn’t add a pickguard so he’s

carved a giant hole in his guitar where there used to be wood.

. Don’t let this happen to your guitar, Free your pick! they aren’t expensive,

just add a simple pickguard and you’re set!

For us, the tortoise really sets off nicely with a sunburst top,

and the black F-4001 version

looks best on a natural top.. That’s just a suggestion.

we’ll leave that choice up to you!

It is the most popular pickguard shape in use today.

Made of tough ABS, it will fit most Martin-style guitars

and many other brands. The cutout is the standard 5 1/8-inch diameter

which will adapt to the typical guitar sound hole rosette.

You’ll love it!


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