Black Diamond N740 string set for the E9 pedal steel guitar


An American made custom set for the E9 10 string Pedal steel guitar, from Black Diamond

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Pedal steel players are in a unique class

of stringed instrument musicians, with two standardized setups- and often a musician will learn them both, making it a ten string dual instrument, and quite a challenge! But the rewards are great. There’s nothing like the sound of a pedal steel. 

Black Diamond offers a unique set of Pedal Steel guitar strings customized for both the E9 and the C6 pedal steel standards. This set, the N740 is specifically made for the E9 pedal steel. String gauges are as follows:

1st F Plain Steel .013

2nd D Plain Steel .015

3rd G Plain Steel .011

4th E Plain Steel .014

5th B Plain Steel .017

6th G Plain Steel .020

7th F Nickel Wound .026

8th E Nickel Wound .030

9th D Nickel Wound .034 

10th B Nickel Wound .036

Black Diamond’s custom set for the C6 Pedal Steel are number N745 and are linked below. 

Black Diamond has over 100 years of great American string manufacture, and are still made in the USA.


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