The Advancing Guitarist by Mick Goodrick


Applying Guitar Concepts & Techniques to bring your skills to a higher level.

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Moving beyond the “method book”

is the concept behind The Advancing Guitarist. Author Mick Goodrick makes this point very clear; you need to take control of your own advancement, advance your own way, determine the musical path you’ll take. And this book is designed to give you the type of work to achieve this. The Advancing Guitarist has been credited with being a great resource by Ron Block of Allison Krauss and Union Station fame. He notes that Mick Goodrick shows you a way to invent your own tools to becoming a true advanced guitar player. As the author notes, the content of the book comes alive only when you apply yourself to doing the work. It’s the reality of perfecting your style; Mick Goodrick understands this well.  Some of the book’s contents are drills, etudes, scales, chord movement, basic to advanced techniques you can pick from. It is definitely NOT a method book. It is a technique reference book, and it’s up to you to apply the method. It has great value to the dedicated player, regardless of genre. Great book. 

115 pages, Hal Leonard Publications. 


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