Wood Song Guitars – Great Sound Meets Incredible Feel!

Wood Song is a guitar concept that is now a reality -where innovation meets tradition in a spectacular way in our Wood Song line of guitars. 

About the innovations of Wood Song guitars:

Wood Song Advanced Acoustic and Acoustic-Electric Guitars combine articulate sound, real playing comfort and fine craftsmanship. Their advanced technology and unique designs result in guitars that respond instantly to your touch, enabling you to focus on creating music. We started with well-loved body shapes, and then we improved upon some crucial elements to provide instruments that are easy to buy, easy to play, easy to own and sound like no others.

Zero Glide Nut

This breakthrough idea combines a real bone nut and a zero fret. Unlike previous zero fret schemes that employ a ‘locator’ nut set well back on the peghead AND a zero fret installed at the end of the fretboard, Zero Glide COMBINES the two components into one and fits it into a standard nut slot. There’s ninety-three percent less friction at the nut, greatly enhancing tuning stability. Zero Glide also assures that all strings are set at the same exact height at the first fret, enhancing playing ease and improving the accuracy of intonation. Learn more at ZeroGlide.com


JLD Bridge System

This advanced design internally links the guitar’s bridge to the tail-block inside the guitar, counteracting the torque (twisting load) that’s exerted on the guitar’s top by the strings. This allows the top to vibrate much more freely, providing greater volume, wider tonal range and a greatly increased sustain.

Ergo-Glide Top

The Ergo-Glide Top provides dramatically increased playing comfort for the picking arm. The top of the guitar gently slopes downward toward the lower bout, relieving the forearm of pressure from that “cutting edge”, where the side meets the back. The Ergo-Glide top helps you to find the ideal right-hand position for finger picking or flat-picking.