The Sundown SD-15 Rover amplifier



These are little amps

but they are surprisingly loud! It’s got full functions with adjustable gain, volume

and a distortion button that instantly kicks it into overdrive . You might

suspect it may belike other small amps, in that when you kick them up

the distortion sounds muddy.

Not the case.  the Rover gives a really rough sound,

but it’s still clear and bright. I guarantee you’ll be happy with the efficiency

that its rated 15 watts gives, it’s got some volume to it!

The sundown line is also really stylish and retro- snappy.

We’ve been really happy with what you can do with the sundown.

We sell a lot of acoustic/electricsand the sundown will also play as

 distortion-free as you like with an acoustic guitar. Versatile,

nice little amps.. They don’t cost a lot, but they do deliver!

That’s our definition of value. 

 Channels: 2

• Wattage: 15

Country of manufacture: China

• Speaker: 6.5” Custom Voiced

• Controls: Input – Gain – Distortion – Treble – Bass – Headphone

Buy with confidence at Beyond Guitars. Where this is backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee! 



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