Genuine Keith D-tuners 2nd and 3rd strings (23SS)


Keith D-tuners have set the quality standard since 1964.

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Yes these are the original D- tuners from Bill Keith’s Beacon banjo co. 

and absolutely the best on earth.

The desire of banjo players everywhere,

These are authentic Keith D-tuners for banjo for the 2nd and 3rd strings. 

Since 1964, designed and made by Bill Keith. Since his passing in October 2015, his family continues on.. making this one-of-a-kind product that has been the standard for so many years. They are 100% American made and are guaranteed for life. As you can see, they are not inexpensive. They are durable precision machines that are labor intensive to make (Our price is the same as Beacon banjo). We are authorized dealers and they carry the full warranty. Many of the original sets made since the 1960s are still out there working today. No company has better customer service or a better product, they literally last a lifetime, and are guaranteed for life. Made from stainless steel they fit right in with any set of non-gold tuners you have. Just replace the 2nd and 3rd string tuners with these, tune up and play!.

If you purchase them with a new or vintage banjo from Beyond Guitars we will install them at no charge. 

What do they do?

These tuners allow the player to re-tune the 2nd and 3rd strings while playing certain songs, changing the tuning between two notes with accuracy as fast and as often as you like. Entire melodies can be played this way. They have two stop knobs that you set to each of the two notes. You are then able to twist the tuner between the two notes while you are playing along, and the tuners simply stop dead on the note. When you do not want to use them this way, you simply loosen the two knobs and they operate as regular precision geared tuners.

The idea was first used by Earl Scruggs in songs like Randy Lynn Rag and Flint Hill Special. Earl designed a cam device for his banjo and the headstock had to be drilled for the two extra pegs, the cam tuners. This damages the banjo, so Bill Keith put his genius to the problem and created these, eliminating the cams. They are a self-contained unit and a genuine hit decade after decade. Using any other brand is a compromise. The level of quality is important because they get twisted a lot all through practice and performances, back and forth,hundreds, perhaps thousands of times. An inferior product does not stand up to this unusual treatment for very long. 

 Installing Keith tuners increases your banjo’s value. Most players eventually get these when they can afford them. Using them on stage is extremely entertaining,  they open up new musical possibilities and are a lot of fun!

Note: these only work with banjos that are drilled for planetary tuners. If your tuners stick out the back of the headstock rather than out to the side like a guitar’s then you have planetaries and this easily installs into the same hole.  Please note that this item is specifically not covered by our 14-day money back guarantee with no returns.  If you purchase these separately you will find detailed simple instructions for installing are included, or any qualified luthier can install them for you.

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