Saga P-210 mahogany unfinished banjo neck


Enjoy building or restoring your banjo with a little help from Saga!

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Saga’s unfinished

banjo neck is a popular option for people who wish to customize a banjo project or replace a broken neck (which can happen in an instant). This neck has all of the hard work done, complete with peghead holes pre-drilled to accept planetary tuners. This solid mahogany neck has all frets installed and  the fretted rosewood fingerboard has a bone nut and pearl position dots. The heel is pre-cut for a traditional banjo type, this is not cut for a “mastertone” style banjo with a deep cut for the flange. A traditional banjo uses “shoes” that are bolted through the wooden rim, and the flange does not pass under the heel of the neck. It is provided with two lag studs for a traditional mount, but with a little custom work, can be easily adapted to the more modern “floating stud” mount found on many imported banjos that uses a screw through the heel and into a hole in the floating stud.

  • Quality unfinished solid mahogany neck offers fast, easy action and inherently long-lasting stability

  • Rosewood fingerboard and peghead overlay ensure smooth playability and classic good looks

  • Polished nickel-silver frets, pearloid position markers, pre-drilled planetary peg holes and adjustable truss rod complete the package

  • Truss rod installed for neck relief adjustment.

If you are building a traditional style banjo, or you’re replacing a neck, this is a wonderful and inexpensive option to get your banjo back on the road to great music. Plus it’s very enjoyable to accomplish the finish work, and possibly add your own custom flair!

The manufacturer’s suggested list price is $75.00, but you won’t pay that at Beyond Guitars! Additionally this neck is covered by our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee! 


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