Rare upgraded Gladiator LP style Electric guitar GG-157 (modern vintage)


Vintage quality, the famous Gladiator LP guitar with upgrades makes it one amazing guitar!

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 A vintage pre-owned customized lawsuit Gladiator LP!

Not too long ago Saga Musical Instruments created a variety of Gibson Les Paul copy guitars. Seems like lots of guitar makers have done that, right? 

Maybe so, but not like this. This time, the copies was so accurate, so well made and with such good appointments Gibson spoke up.. with their attorneys. 

That began the end of the Gladiator LP-style guitar. It had a short fun, and Immediately production was halted and their remaining stock was not allowed to be sold. I don’t know more details than that but I wanted to get my hands on them before the trouble began, but before I knew it they were no longer available. This used guitar is the only one I’ve had. This is because A few got out there, I was more than happy to find this beautiful gem! (Plus it has upgrades- not without their own legal problems!)

 Very minty, a beautiful sunburst Modern Vintage guitar that’s got three upgrades

This guitar is the CG-157 series, the middle- model of the lot. It’s sort of a mix of LP and LP-Jr features. It’s got the flat top Jr style mahogany solid body- But remember, the cheaper guitars have a basswood body, this one is actually solid mahogany. The design includes both bridge and neck pickups (Originally Wilkinson pickups) 3 position switch (neck, bridge and mix) dual volume and tone controls (four knobs for two pickups) SET-IN mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets, adjustable truss rod. Its rounded ’50s neck profile feels great in the hand,  The finish is a slick, fast satin. authentic control knobs,  Perfectly reproduced hardware, heavily chrome plated. and a beautiful finish overall. You can tell when you snap the switch and turn the knobs they used quality electronics. Plugged in the switch is silent, no pops, no buzzing, the sound is CLEAN.. and full. The bridge pickup is especially nice as it has not only a twangy bridgey sound but it’s got excellent depth, a deeper tone than you might expect. You can always add overdrive, distortion, pedals and all that, but I like to hear them clean first. And it’s easy to see why they got upset about it. This guitar is awesome in every way!

Upgrade No. 1: Seymour Duncan ’59 pickup in the neck and Seymour Duncan ’59 Custom Shop Floor double creme pickup in the bridge. this double creme coverless pickup is not allowed for manufacture any more either, but they are valued as much as $200 today. Excellent pickups.

Upgrade No. 2: Schaller strap locks (see in photos)  to spare both the guitar and your feet!

Upgrade No. 3: Smooth, accurate and renowned GOTOH tuners, locking type.

Sound: Pure, clean through a clean amp, it sounds like butter.  very resonant with lots of sustain, when this guitar is silent, it is silent. WIth quality electronics, Schaller strap locks and Gotoh locking tuners and all the inherent features of the original Gladiator there is a lot of value here!

You will not see another guitar like this again, it’s one of a kind! I will gladly back this purchase with our 14-day custiomer satisfaction guarantee!


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