Propik’s resophonic guitar nickel silver picks, single finger wrap, Medium (pair)


Meeting the specific demands of the descriminating musician,

specifically made for the resophonic guitar.

In stock


A pair of Propik’s innovative single wrap resophonic picks

now gives the dobro player purpose made specialty picks. They are slightly angled to give the pick an ideal presentation to the strings for the Dobro, or resophonic guitar player. Made from .025 gauge brass, this pick gives the instrument a sharper attack type tone over the brass picks. And this version offers the user the traditional feel and secure attachment  of the single wrap band.

This pick is for the right hand, with an angle away from the thumb. This is for a package of 2 Propiks, Medium size.

Check out our site, or the links below for other choices. We sell these picks in pairs. 

The regular retail price for a pair of these picks is $6.50 but you won’t pay that here.

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