Paige PC-6 Clik capo for guitar


The wonderful Clik capo from Paige, an improvement over the standard paige, and way ahead of the rest!

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A really neat twist to the original Paige capo,

the paige Clik offers the player all the accuracy, thin style and ease of use, but it’s fast.

The Clik feature is a button and center post that allow you to adjust the capo fast. Pushing the button releases the tension, and pushing the center post in will bring the tension back up.

Use the adjustment knob for fine pressure adjustment. So you adjust the tension you want- just right.

Once the Paige Clik is on your guitar, you can store it up at the headstock above the nut. This feature is one of the most desired because you don’t have to hunt for your capo

Just keep it on the guitar! The days of hunting for your capo, overtightening or looseness, and slow cumbersome capos are gone.

Paige Clik capos are available in a few styles, for banjo, mandolin, and acoustic guitar and more.

be aware that guitars with a volute (a triangular bit of wood behind the neck) may be too thick to store the Paige capo above the nut.

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