Morgan Monroe MB-1 cradle banjo strap


A comfortable, safe and inexpensive strap for the heavy resonator banjos!

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This is one

of our best sellers for years. For good reason! The Morgan Monroe cradle banjo strap has got all the great features we like for a comfortable, safe and attractive styled banjo strap. It is only available in black. Made of soft, padded leather, it takes a few minutes to adjust and once it’s on it is so pliable it folds or rolls up very easily to fit into the banjo case. This type of strap is called a cradle strap because it simply wraps all the way around the banjo and ties to itself, cradling the banjo. It will not generally fit a “traditional” style, or openback style banjo because they use shoes that bolt through the body and don’t have space for the strap to pass through. This is designed for the “mastertone” style banjo where the hooks all have space under them. The space required is approx. 3/4 inch width.


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