Professional custom banjo- Sullivan pot- Golden Gate Neck- First rate Killer tone!



The whole story about this banjo

I purchased this banjo as a complete instrument but the neck and resonator were a home project with all the right intentions but with some serious hombebuilt  flaws. One of the most difficult part of banjo building is the pot assembly, and as is often done, this builder used a professionally made pot assembly and added their own neck and resonator. When I discovered the POT ASSEMBLY is actually a first rate SULLIVAN pot in GOLD plate, I decided to put my banjo skills to it and make it play RIGHT. and wow the banjo is absolutely incredible. Listen to this banjo below and ask yourself if you’ve heard a banjo THIS GOOD in the last few years. I used a factory made, brand new Golden Gate banjo neck in mahogany and classic hearts and flowers inlay pattern, added a new mahogany resonator and finished them in nitrocellulose lacquer. The end result is what everyone is after: Killer bluegrass banjo tone! 

I checked with Bill Sullivan of Sullivan banjos and First Quality Music, and he verified this was a pot of theirs. As he told me, sometimes you just hit on a rim and tone ring combination like they were made for each other to create a great banjo. The two just WORK!

Sullivan was the supplier of the banjo components for the Gibson company. And of course only the best go into their pot assemblies. It features a rock maple rim and Sullivan’s tone ring.  Gold plated with a little gold worn off the armrest, the remainder of the hardware is pristine. Beautifully appointed with brand new Gold plated Five Star tuners, it’s a stunning, true killer banjo anyone would be proud to gig or record with. Now it doesn’t carry a headbadge, but it does carry the tone of a world class performer. If you’re looking for the Killer tone everyone is scratching for, you’ve got it right here. And it’s no surprise, since at its heart is a Sullivan banjo pot.

I have matched this banjo with a brand new quality case from Saga Musical Instruments. 

I’m proud to have brought a wonderful instrument back to life but now it really needs a good home with a player or student to let it be heard once again. I’ve recorded this banjo and it truly sounds as impressive as I’m trying to communicate. I will gladly give you my 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee on this brandless banjo if you don’t agree!
Dave Bloxham, Beyond Guitars.
Listen to this banjo now!

Additional information

Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 20 × 8 in


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