Lakota 3 inch mahogany dobro strap Bison hide made for slide guitars 3MAD


Lakota bison hide strap for dobro. The softest hide you’ve ever felt!

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Each Lakota Leathers’ instrument strap

is assembled on the Pine Ridge Lakota Sioux Indian reservation in South Dakota, USA.  Pine Ridge has the undesirable distinction of being the poorest county in the entire United States. The purchase of any Lakota Leathers strap not only gives you the ultimate quality, but helps provide income for  people on the reservation.  Truly a ‘cottage’ industry, Lakota Leathers straps are assembled in  living rooms and on kitchen tables of the people who make these wonderful straps.

Lakota Leathers

uses only native leathers which have been used by the Lakota people for millennia. Bison (American buffalo) and Elk are the leathers of choice. These leathers are extremely supple and provide for unsurpassed comfort no matter what instrument you play. As strong as they are, it is surprising how supple and flexible this leather is. It can easily roll up and store in the guitar case compartment or under the headstock in the case. 

This mahogany color dobro strap

 Is cut in the comfortable 3 inch width, is made from super soft Bison hide. The mahogany is a rich color that blends with anything. This hide is about as soft as deerskin and beautiful in appearance. No padding is necessary with a Lakota guitar strap. Made for use with acoustic or electric dobro or slide guitar, it is designed to attach at the guitar body endpin and the headstock to clear the playing area for your hands.

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Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 in


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