Wood Song JCE-12NA 12 string acoustic-electric guitar


This is not your average 12 string guitar! This could be the best ever made with the added resonance and superior strength of JLD!


When we first learned about Wood Song guitars

I can’t say we were skeptical, but they certainly got our attention. So we listened. We watched and played. Then we decided we had to have them.

You might have thought that after all this time, they had already thought of everything possible when it came to acoustic guitars. We did.. And we were WRONG! The folks at Gold Tone musical instruments must be really smart because they not only thought of an important improvement to include in their Wood Song guitars, they thought of THREE and put all of them into every model!

Let’s start with the essentals of a good guitar. Wood Song guitars have premium features such as all solid spruce tops in every one of them. High quality tone woods are for back and sides (such as Sepele, mahogany and rosewood), piezo electric pickups in the bridge on all models, and beautifully finished and put together. Now this is the great part.. These are the three Wood Song differences:

1. Ergo Glide. Wood Song is pioneering in their use of their awesome new body shape called Ergo Glide. This innovation is one of those things, that when you first see it you think.. “I should have thought of that”. It’s simple. The thickness of the guitar body is slanted into a comfortable shape right where your right arm rests when playing. The top is actually curved back to follow this shape creating a angled surface for your arm. The hard edge of the guitar will never dig into your arm again, and reaching to pick or strum is enormously improved! It’s easier to play, more comfortable and generally just so much better this way, it’s impossible to put into words. How about just saying genius? We just thought.. “Wow.. Duh.. Why didn’t somebody do this before”?

2. Zero glide nut. We can upgrade your guitar.. any guitar with the Zero glide, It’s a great improvement. But the Wood Song guitars all have them factory installed. These awesome nuts allow the strings to slide so easily, tuning is improved, intonation is improved, and stability is permanent. When you tune a guitar up that has a zero glide, it’s in tune and it stays that way! This is no joke. The string is not pinched into a slot cut into a piece of bone, it’s actually resting on a fret, right at the nut!

3. JLD bridge system. This is the third “duh” for us. Wow. This system has really two benefits to acoustic guitar design. First, it improves resonance. It’s all explained by the engineering- It has to do with the motion of a string and how vibration is transferred to the top, things like twisting wood, lengthinging and shortening of a vibrating string, sideays motion, bridges and saddles. And the therories are quite complex. But it is simple in design and it works. The second benefit of the JLD system is elimination of top warpage. It keeps the top flat.. now with over 100 pounds pull by the strings, this is important especially in humid climates. And, it’s even more important with a 12 string guitar that has nearly double the pull on that thin top! This really happens: we’ve seen some guitar tops warped so badly it looks like ocean waves, and 100% unplayable. We believe that this system alone makes the Wood Song 12 string guitar in particular, better than any regular guitar out there. It’s an added benefit and you don’t have to do anything with it- it’s inside the body of the guitar where you don’t see it, doing its thing all by itself. Here’s a short video from Wood Song about their guitars:

About this model

This is a unique 12 string guitar that has a stabilized top, something that is a marked advantage over all other 12 string guitars. There is a very strong pull between the neck and guitar top with 12 strings brought up to full tension. And the JLD bridge system makes for a stronger yet more resonant guitar. Other features of this guitar include:

Neck: Natoh
Tuners: Sealed Guitar-Style
Top: Solid Sitka Spruce (Ergo-Glide Top)
Back & Sides: Sapele
Binding: ABS White Binding
Hardware: Triple Plated Gold
Pickups: Under Saddle Piezo Transducer w/ Built-in Tuner
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Number of Frets: 20 Medium
Inlay: Dot; Mother of Pearl
Truss Rod: Two-Way Adjustable
Nut Width: 1-29/32″
Bridge: Rosewood (JLD Brdge System)
Scale Length: 25-1/2″
Upper Bout: 12-1/2″
Lower Bout: 16-1/2″
Body Depth: 4″ – 4-3/4″

We have this guitar already outfitted with a high quality zippered gig bag with plenty of pockets. The suggested retail for this guitar is $720.00 but you can see we’ve got that price beat! It has a fully transferable warranty from the manufacturer, as well as being covered by Beyond Guitars’ 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee!

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs


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