Golden Gate Steel Slide F-3304


A classic design that is still preferred by critical musicians! 

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The Golden Gate steel slide is a lie.

Golden Gate’s classic model F-3304 is actually made of solid brass that’s heavily nickel plated!

This old favorite remains a hot seller because it is design is classic, and is crafted from solid brass and perfectly sculpted to fit the hand for maximum comfort. Technically called a Stevens Steel, It’s the perfect weight to produce a big sound from any steel guitar or acoustic resophonic instrument. The flat ends of the steel are designed for the bluegrass resonator guitar style of hammer-ons and pull-offs and the entire steel is heavily nickel-plated for long wear under professional usage. Over 7 decades of sales success makes this popular steel a proven winner for any player.

  • Nickel-plated solid brass, perfectly weighted for crisp attack and sustain
  • Sculpted shape allows player to easily lift the steel for bluegrass techniques
  • Suitable for resonator guitar, acoustic Hawaiian steel and electric lap steel

 At Beyond Guitars, it is priced very competitively, well below the suggested retail price of $39.95, p lus we stand behind the quality with our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee! But I will admit, we might have to start calling it the Golden Gate Brass slide!



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