Golden Gate C-1512 guitar case (Classical and square neck dobros)


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The Golden Gate C-1512 guitar case

is the standard case made for the classical shaped guitars, which include both round neck and square neck resonator guitars, such as the Regal lap resonator guitars. This case is designed for the 12-fret neck joint guitars of this type.

Offering great protection and good looks, the C-1512 sets the standard for quality. Reasonably priced, you will find your choice here today will reward you for years to come. Be sure to provide your treasured guitar with real wood. We don’t sell particle board cases; and this case is no exception. Sporting a strong, five layer plywood core, your new Golden Gate case is nothing… if not well built.

  • Heavy duty 5-ply wood core structure provides strength and protection for your guitar whether in transit or in storage

  • Ultra-strong arched top construction delivers even more protection than standard flat top cases

  • Dense foam padding and black plush lines the interior and accessory pocket to ensure that your guitar remains safe on the inside

  • Triple gold-plated brass hardware and lockable latches stand-up to repeated use and provide additional security

  • Removable round neck support which, when removed, provide the nedded space for a square neck dobro.

This case is not suitable for guitars with the 14-fret neck joint. This is for guitars with the joint located at the 12th fret.

The suggested retail price is $129.95. You’ll never pay that much at Beyond Guitars!

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