Gold Tone CC-100R/P Convertible resonator/openback banjo



Most of the CC-100 banjos you will see

don’t have both letters R and P designations, making this banjo a little bit unusual! In fact, in the video above you see the CC-100R banjo (without the P). This is because the banjo in this ad has a couple of upgrades that the video banjo doesn’t have. The CC-100 banjo has a few different versions. In this case, The R represents resonator (cover over the back) and P for plus, or for Planetary tuners if you prefer- (which actually is the plus feature). It couldn’t be simple of course! These planetary type tuners don’t stick out the sides like the guitar style gear tuners you see in the video but they stick out the back of the headstock the way a professional level banjo is made. (The CC-100 without letters is their openback model). Gold Ton’es CC-100 line has overall been a mainstay- very popular banjo for Gold Tone, with More than 25,000 Cripple Creek banjos being sold during the last 15 years! They are by far the best student banjo for tone and playability in their price range. Made from hard rock maple, This particular banjo has the blonde natural finish, not the Vintage brown most have. It is durable, sounds terrific, has low string action, and is a pleasure to play. The nice thing about having the resonator on the banjo is that it’s easily removed to convert it into an openback banjo. This is especially convenient for a student who may want to play either clawhammer or bluegrass. Although any banjo can be played either way, the resonator adds a crisp tone suitable for bluegrass picking. Removing it, it has the plunky old timey sound again. The planetary tuners on this banjo are smooth operating closed machines permanently lubricated and have that “pro” banjo appearance. Plus they are all very easy to reach, where guitar tuners on the far side are much more difficult to get to. Overall this one has all the features you’d want! Resonator (removable), Planetary tuners, Natural finish. Here are all the specs:

Neck Maple Fingerboard Rosewood
Bridge Maple w/ Ebony Cap; 5/8 Resonator 13″ Maple
Rim Multi-ply
Wood Finish Natural Gloss Fingerboard Inlay Snowflake
Neck Binding Celluloid Body Binding Celluloid
Nut Bone Tuners planetary type, sealed
Tailpiece Terminator Tailpiece Strings GDGBD – .010, .024w, .016, .013, .010
Plating Chrome Tension Hoop Steel
Tone Ring Rolled Brass Rod Arm Rest “Gold Tone” Engraved

Scale 26-3/16″ Weight 6.5 lbs
Nut Width 1-3/16″ Frets 22 Medium
Head Size 11″ Remo Low Crown Frosted Total Length 38-1/8″

This banjo is designed to convert to an open back banjo quite easily. Simply remove the resonator thumb screws, and remove the hook nuts that attach the brackets and you’re done! See the photos on this ad to see what it looks like converted. So this banjo is both a CC-100P and a CC-100RP. The P is for the upgraded planetary tuners this banjo has.

Don’t forget a case or gig bag to go with your banjo, some suitable options are shown below. 

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Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 20 × 10 in


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