Gold Tone Micro Bass (M-bass) 25FL (Fretless)


“just a little more” is built into the little M-bass from Gold Tone with the M-bass 25FL!

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This bass is available in fretted and fretless versions. This is for the fretless version as demonstrated.

Still compact, yet slightly larger

than the M-bass 23, the M-bass 25 offers a little bit more, in a slightly bigger package. The M-Bass 25FL shares all design features of the original M-Bass (23) but has a longer 25 ½” (Strat ®) scale and 10% more acoustic chamber, increasing acoustic volume for unplugged rehearsal. The larger body and longer scale make an easier transition for bass players accustomed to a standard 34”scale. Experience BIG Sound that goes anywhere! This next generation micro-scale bass delivers a convincing contra bass sound in a compact instrument that is sure to excel in any professional live performance and studio situation,  at an exciting price. Gold Tone’s Mini Dreadnaught with Cutaway features an ergonomic top for maximum arm comfort and shoulder relief. The Arched-Back Design fits nicely into the torso and reduces the hard edge against the body. Also Available as fretted model. We’ll post a link for the fretted model below. 

Here are the specs in all their glory:

Neck: Mahogany Top: Ergo-Glide Top Back: Mahogany Fingerboard: Rosewood Bridge: Rosewood Sides: Mahogany
Wood Finish: Satin Fingerboard Inlay: Dot Nut: Bone Strings: Aquila “MicroBass” Strings (Synthetic)
Tuners: Bass Tuners Pickup: Piezo Transducer w/Tuner, Volume, and EQ
Alternative Models Fretless, Left-Handed Case Options Heavily Padded Gigbag Included
Scale: 25″ Nut Width: 1-11/16″ Weight: 3.2 Lbs. Frets: Nickel Silver Total Length: 39″

Retail Price $600.00 (But you won’t pay that much at Beyond Guitars)!

A spec list is important 

to give you a basic idea what’s gone into making a bass guitar like this, and naturally, like all of our instrument ads we really need to show you the specs.. But you know as well as anyone that it’s when you get it in your hands and start jamming- Well, then comes the most important evaluation. We know that many players are amazed at the inspiration and integration their music gains. It can be so much fun it is difficult to put down! It might be the compact size and light weight that help players begin to feel more a part of their instrument instead of just a player of notes. For many, the unassuming looking Gold Tone Microbass 25 is such an instrument. Don’t forget the smaller player, too. It’s great for youths or ladies who find a full scale bass, (especially with a solidbody’s weight) a lot to handle, the M-bass is absolutely unbeatable. With its professional performance you won’t compromise a thing. The M-bass 23 is even more compact, you can see that and a video linked below. 

This guitar comes with a customized quality Gig bag that fits perfectly and protects with style!

Retail Price $525.00 But you won’t pay that at Beyond Guitars!

Buy with confidence. This bass is covered by Beyond Guitars’ 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee.

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Weight 10 lbs


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