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New sounds for mandolin players!

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Every Mandolin player needs to know about this!

Played like a mandolin, the mandola is larger and has a deeper tone than the mandolin. It is often used in Irish traditional music. You could say that the mandola is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin. The four double courses of strings are tuned in fifths to CGDA, which is a fifth lower than a mandolin. Also, many altered tunings can be used. Gold Tone’s Mandola features an authentic Celtic tone, has low string action, and the cast tailpiece is stronger and thicker than sheet metal tailpieces, providing more sustain. This traditionally shaped and finished Mandola is an easy way for a mandolinist to play another, and unique instrument!

Here are the specs:

Neck Mahogany Fingerboard Rosewood
Top Solid Spruce Bridge Ebony with bone saddle
Back Mahogany Sides Mahogany

The Mandola is becoming increasingly popular with all 4 string players. Its viola style tuning and body shape produce a haunting, but bright, tone. It allows the player to experiment with unconventional keys and is also a great instrument for vocal accompaniment with its lower pitch. Traditionally tuned CGDA.  

Scale 17-1/16″ Weight 4.5 lbs.
Nut Width 1-1/4″ Frets 20
Total Length 29-1/2″
Neck Mahogany Fingerboard Rosewood
Top Solid Spruce Bridge Ebony with bone saddle
Back Mahogany Sides Mahogany

Snowflake fingerboard inlays

Natural wood finish 

Chrome plated hardware

Hardshell case included


At Beyond Guitars we’re proud to have access to Gold Tone’s remarkable Folkternative insruments. They offer the folk/acoustic musician something old, yet something new. The Mandola is a very old instrument, yet it is new to most American ears, and it fits right in with virtually every musical style with its beautiful lower register and voicing and delicate tone. We love the different– the kind of instruments that take the old DNA of the past to re-create not only the instruments of the past, but to also blend ideas we’ve not seen before. There’s nothing better to help the creative musician to use the wonderful variety of sounds  that really should be available to us all. It’s like introducing an awesome new flavor to people who are used to meat and potatoes all the time! The Gold Tone folks out of Florida bring this to us all the time. This is but one beautiful example of this philosophy! The Mandola is made in China for us by Gold Tone of Titusville, FL.

Buy with confidence from Beyond Guitars. This instrument carries a list price of $839.00, but you won’t pay that here. Also it is covered under our 14-day customer satisfaction guarantee!



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