Gold Tone long neck white ladye openback banjo WL-250LN Special package price!

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This beautiful model of the Seeger long neck has a soothing tone and is easy to sing with!

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The first longneck banjo

was commissioned by Mr. Pete Seeger, a fellow you might have heard of! (so he could sing in key while playing in a standard configuration), and then it was further popularized by many 1960s folk groups including the Weavers and the Chad Mitchell Trio. These legends of American Folk music added to the fluid development of the five string banjo. You might think of the long neck banjo as having a capo moved DOWN three frets! It is tuned three semitones lower than a standard five-string banjo, they are extremely versatile- enough for anything from vocal accompaniment to capoing up for Bluegrass picking. We at Beyond Guitars feel that our banjo selection is incomplete without a genuine openback long neck banjo around, and we found that Gold Tone has created a real gem with this one.

This professional level long neck banjo ideal for the folk musician. Tuned 1-1/2 steps lower than a standard 5-string banjo, the WL-250LN is set up for the best singing keys.  Specs are equal to the popular Gold Tone WL-250 with the addition of three extra frets allowing the banjo to be tuned to EBEG#B.

The WL-250LN provides a plunky yet punchy tone well-suited for old time and folk music. This model features an accurate replica of the vintage and highly sought after 3-part White Ladye tone ring coupled with a 1/2″ rim for maximum air chamber volume. Other features include a maple neck and bound ebony fingerboard with cloud inlays, double adjusting truss rod, vintage heel design, GT Master planetary tuners, 11” Renaissance head, no-knot tailpiece, and dual coordinator rods for a solid neck fit and easy adjustment capabilities.  Final assembly and complete setup performed at the Gold Tone Factory in Florida. We think this banjo has a marvelous low tone that’s remarkably soothing for a banjo. And if the keys of G and A are a little high for your vocal range, there’s nothing like the awesome sound of a good long neck banjo. Pete Seeger’s contribution to American music cannot be overstated. He’s introduced a lot of people to folk music and the banjo in particular. This is the type of banjo Pete developed and played for decades. You’re sure to love the sound of this banjo!

The manufacturer suggests we sell this banjo to you for $1,369.00 With no case- No stand, No tuner! We packaged all of these together for an unbeatable deal.

Buy with confidence at Beyond Guitars. This banjo not only carries Gold Tone’s limited lifetime warranty, it is also covered by our 14-day customer satisfaction  guarantee!

Unlike many retailers, we have included the only hard shell case made for this banjo- The Gold Tone HDLN-14. This extra long case has a hard plywood core, a heavily cusioned interior with soft plush lining, brass latches and a tough tolex cover, plus a roomy compartment to keep your new Snark tuner in! And be sure to let us know if you’d like RR spikes installed and where. Keep in mind that On a Seeger long neck you’ve got three extra frets so this places the fifth string at the 8th fret, not at the fifth fret! We’ll help you figure this out, and this is a free service to our customers. Just communicate your request to us.

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