Gold Tone AC-5 composite, convertible banjo


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Watch the video to the end. Wayne does some great Clawhammer playing toward the end!

The Gold Tone folks continue

to innovate with the AC-5 composite banjo. 

Whether you are new to the banjo and looking for an affordable model to get started on, or you seek the ultimate travel banjo, this banjo packs more than enough heat to echo through the hills and shine in any campfire jam!

Padded gigbag is included.

This banjo has a composite rim and a composite resonator which actually adds a significant amount of volume and sharp tone to a low priced banjo. This is uncommon. Most lower priced banjos just don’t punch it out but this is because the composite back and sides of the AC-5 do this differently than inexpensive wood. There is another very uncommon feature of the AC-5 that sets it apart:

Do you want to play bluegrass AND clawhammer? It’s CONVERTIBLE!

This banjo has an unusual construction that allows a resonator to be used without a flange.  A single screw holds the resonator on, so you can convert it to an openback type banjo in just a matter of seconds with a simple screwdriver. Once the resonator is off, you’ll have a more plunky, old timey sound, plus the absence of a flange makes it a true openback- perfect for clawhammer frailing style songs. If you are a new student to the banjo, this can be a real big advantage because you’ll be able to practice banjo in either style of music. 

It’s also a very durable banjo with the composite construction. All of these features combined make the AC-5 banjo from Gold Tone a perfect banjo to put in the car or truck and take camping whenever you like. 

The innovative spirit at Gold Tone really comes through even at every price level,

 Gold Tone quality remains, and the value is high. 

The banjo that can do just about everything, it’s the AC-5 from Gold Tone and Beyond Guitars!

Here are the features of your new banjo:

 Maple neck

Maple bridge

Rosewood fingerboard

Composite easy on/off  resonator

Satin finish

Dot fingerboard inlays

Geared tuners

Durable black finish on metal parts

Standard 11″ banjo head

One year warranty from Gold Tone

Country of manufacture: China

Padded gig bag included.

And this AC-5 banjo purchase carries the 14- day customer satisfaction guarantee and free shipping anywhere in the contiguous 48 United States from Beyond Guitars!

The suggested retail price for this banjo is $449.00 but you won’t pay that at Beyond Guitars! 



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