Deering Goodtime Concert Ukulele (GUK)


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The requests came pouring in from all over.

After years of consideration and design, the Goodtime Banjo Ukulele is a reality!

The new banjo Ukulele is Goodtime banjo quality brought to you in a full-toned Ukulele with high grade Nylgut strings from Aquila. 

While most smaller ukuleles have a “small body” tone to them, this is not so with the new Goodtime concert Ukulele by Deering. This is because it is constructed with a full 11 inch banjo pot assembly, and a Renaissance head for mellow tone. Full, deep tone is the result, which is very pleasing to the ears, plus with these Aquila strings you can get aggressive and it is powerfully loud! So it’s got the ability to be mellow or loud, all depending on your playing style.

The list of features of this instrument are: 1. 3-ply Violin Maple Rim (11 inches) 2. Extended Fingerboard 3. Patented Deering Bridge Plate designed to add sustain 4. Aquila Super Nylgut Strings 4. Maple Neck 5. 17  Frets 6. Sixteen Hooks and Nuts 7. Made in USA!

The experienced banjo builders and designers have gained a reputation of unmatched quality, service and wonderful, musical tone. Their neck profiles are improved and superior in every way. Making Deering’s Goodtime Ukulele not only a pleasure to play and beautiful in sound, but a solid investment in a new musical instrument. We have tested the Shubb banjo capo which works well if you want to use a capo.

Don’t forget to watch the video shown above, and when you place your order be sure to also add the Deering gig bag made for this instrument, shown below for your convenience. 

At Beyond Guitars we’re proud to represent the Goodtime products and our stock is constantly growing! 

This Banjo Ukulele is covered by our 14-day Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, and free shipping in 48 states!




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